Is Your Used Oil Just Oil?

Used oil and filtersUsed motor oil is one of the most common items brought to our Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility. About 22,000 gallons of used oil is brought in for recycling each year by our residential customers.

Due to a couple of recent contamination issues, we’re asking everyone who performs their own vehicle maintenance or repair to never mix chemicals with their used oil.

Oil that is contaminated with chemicals cannot be recycled.

When used oil is brought to our facility, we transfer it to a large storage barrel that can hold 4,000 gallons. If we unknowingly receive oil that has been mixed with chemicals, it will contaminate all of the oil being stored, rendering it useless. In addition to needlessly wasting up to 4,000 gallons of oil (which could have been recycled and used for more than 2,300 oil changes), receiving contaminated oil can cost us thousands of dollars in clean-up costs because our oil storage barrels and equipment must be decontaminated.

Please do not mix anything with your used oil. This includes:

• parts cleaner solvent
• antifreeze
• brake fluid
• paint
• pesticides
• cleaners
• water (a small amount is okay)

If the oil has been contaminated, we can still accept it. Write “Contaminated oil” on the container and point it out so we know to handle it separately.

Please help us continue to accept and recycle your used oil. Let’s work together to reduce waste and conserve our resources!

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