Central San Awards Four Businesses for Protecting the Environment

Central San has identified four local businesses as shining examples of environmental stewardship, and will present each with a Pollution Prevention Award at Sustainable Contra Costa’s annual Leadership in Sustainability & Green Building Awards Gala on September 21:

Barrelista Coffee House & Café, 736 Main St., Martinez

They have dramatically reduced waste by using compostable food trays, cutlery and cups, and by serving iced espresso drinks in mason jars which customers can keep and reuse.

Barrelista Coffee House & Café
Barrelista Coffee House & Café
Kee’s Auto Body, 2171 Monument Blvd., Concord

They are conserving precious water resources by eliminating wet sanding and using wax in lieu of water to wash cars.

Kee’s Auto Body
Kee’s Auto Body
Mike’s Auto Body, 2140 N. Broadway, Walnut Creek

Their recycling system for washing cars saves valuable water, and they are conserving energy with new, highly efficient lighting.

Mike’s Auto Body
Mike’s Auto Body
Walnut Creek Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram, 2404 N. Main St.,
Walnut Creek

They use a resourceful drainage piping system that greatly reduces spills while automatically transferring waste fluids (such as motor oil) to storage tanks, and have installed more energy-efficient lighting.

Walnut Creek Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram
Walnut Creek Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram

We love honoring local businesses like these that take extraordinary steps to safeguard the environment! Whether coffee shops, auto body shops, or car dealers, they are going above and beyond by recycling, reducing waste, conserving resources, and taking other actions to prevent water pollution in our area. We applaud this year’s award winners, and all businesses that make protecting the environment a top priority!

We present our Pollution Prevention Awards each year during National Pollution Prevention Week. Since initiating the program in 1992, we have recognized more than 100 environmentally friendly local businesses.

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