Sewer Construction in Your Neighborhood?

Here’s What to Expect

Sewer construction

The single largest asset of the Central Contra Costa Sanitary District is our sewer system, which consists of 1,500 miles of pipes and transports millions of gallons of wastewater every day to our treatment facility in Martinez.

Maintaining this huge system to ensure reliable service for our customers requires construction projects to renovate or replace aging pipes. Since these pipes spread throughout our entire service area, this activity is bound to have an impact on our residential and business customers.

Here’s how we communicate with customers who are likely to be affected by the construction:

Before Construction

• Nine-to-twelve months before construction activities begin, we mail letters notifying people of design activities that will be taking place in their area over the next several months. These activities include marking utility and sewer locations, surveying, and inspecting the area in order to draw up the best construction plan for the project.

• Once we have that plan, if work will be required within easements on private property, we contact those customers individually to discuss the construction and restoration activities.

• As the project nears the bidding phase, we invite all customers in the project area to a public meeting where we share our plan, answer questions, and discuss any issues of concern so we can make changes to the plan, if appropriate.

• Once the project is awarded to a contractor, we send another letter to all customers in the project area announcing when construction is expected to begin and end. A typical project can last six-to-nine months.

• As the project progresses, the contractor notifies customers one week in advance of any construction in their neighborhood.

• Signs are posted in the area which include the project duration and a contact number to call for more information.

Sewer Construction

During Construction

• During construction, one of our inspectors will be on-site to monitor the project and ensure the contractor is meeting our specifications. This includes not only the specifics of pipe installation, but also safety, cleanliness, traffic control, and property restoration.

• Customers with questions or concerns about the project can approach the on-site inspector or call our Community Affairs Representative, Chris Carpenter, at (925) 229-7200.

After Construction

• Once the project is complete, we send a survey to all customers in that area. This survey provides us with valuable feedback: people can make us aware of any issues that may have been overlooked, and let us know how they felt the project was handled. The questions cover the courtesy and responsiveness of staff, timeliness of notices, traffic impacts, and how promptly issues were resolved. Each item is rated on a scale of one to five, with five being outstanding. To date, we are maintaining an average four-plus rating for all aspects on all projects.

We understand that construction can cause inconveniences for our customers. We will continue to keep you informed of work in your neighborhood, and design projects to reduce the negative impacts where possible, all while maintaining a reliable and effective sewer system that protects public health and the environment.

You can find information about current construction projects, including project maps, at — click on “Construction Zone” in the lower right of the home page.

Click here to learn more about how we maintain the flow (video).

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