Are Tree Roots Inside Your Pipes?

Tree roots are the leading cause of sewer clogs and overflows.

Hair-thin roots infiltrate sewer pipes through tiny cracks, and then thrive on the moisture and nutrients inside. It doesn’t take long for them to spread out and begin snagging materials like grease, wipes, and other items people put down drains and toilets. Soon the pipe can become completely blocked, and even break apart as the roots and blockage continue to grow.

Tree roots are the #1 cause of sewer clogs.
Tree roots are the #1 cause of sewer clogs.

How to Prevent Root Problems In Your Pipe

• Find out where your sewer pipes are. Companies that do this are online/in the phone book as “Pipe & Leak Locating Services.”

• Don’t plant trees or shrubs above or near the sewer pipes (or install root barriers when planting).

• Maintain your house side sewer/lateral. If there are trees near the pipe, have it inspected/cleaned by a professional plumbing service every other year.

• If you have continuing root problems, consider removing the offending tree or shrub.

• Ensure an Overflow Protection Device is installed on your sewer pipe’s cleanout.

Tree roots clog a sewer pipe.
Tree roots inside a sewer pipe.

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