Sticker Shock!

Produce stickersDid you know most produce stickers are made of plastic? If they go down the drain as you wash your fruits and veggies, they can get stuck in your plumbing, or in our wastewater treatment plant pumps, hoses, screens and filters. Worse, they can end up in Suisun Bay!

It’s extremely difficult for our treatment processes to remove small pieces of plastic from the wastewater. Please don’t let these stickers go down the drain!

Keep them out of compost piles and green bins, too. Even so-called “compostable” and “biodegradable” stickers take a very long time to degrade. They can also get washed into storm drains when it rains, and add to the shocking amount of plastic polluting our environment.

Keep your sewer system happy and trouble-free by throwing produce stickers in the trash!

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