Wipes Clog Pipes!

Disposable wipes, even ones labeled as “flushable,” can clog your toilets or plumbing, and our sewers, pumps and treatment plant equipment. Please put them in the trash, not the toilet!

Disposable wipes are very popular. We get it. They’re convenient and easy to use. We’re not asking you to stop using them. We ARE asking you to stop flushing them.

Sure, they will usually disappear down the toilet if you flush them. But it’s what can happen NEXT that matters.

Disposable wipes are manufactured to be tougher than toilet paper.  They will not break down in water as quickly as toilet paper, and that’s why they cause problems. They get hung up on roots, grease, and other debris inside pipes and then cause clogs and sewage backups.

Wipes clog pipes
This nasty-looking mass of wipes was removed from a clogged pump.

They also clog our pumps and damage our treatment plant equipment; they must be manually removed and hauled to the local landfill. Please just give them the most direct route by putting them in your trash can, rather than the toilet.

As if the clogging potential wasn’t bad enough, many disposable wipes contain harsh cleaning chemicals and are made with plastic fibers that will pollute local waters when flushed.

Please dispose of wipes — even those labeled “flushable” — in the trash can, not the toilet.

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